LIFE STORIES Archive conceptualized

Episodes of Life Stories Archive will begin appearing here soon. The show airs on Public Access Television in New York: television that means something.  The concept was simple. Young people don’t have many role models. For many reasons, parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents, neighbors and other folks in the community don’t serve like they used to. Yet our senior citizens have led fascinating lives, with stories that no one hears, and that will soon be lost to their families, their communities, and the world. With the help of my trusty cameraman, I began filming the life stories of senior citizens found through various organizations, civic groups, newspaper articles, recommendations from friends, people contacting me to suggest a subject person and just by being my, sometimes, gregarious self whenever not feeling like a hermit. My thought is simple, their great great grandchildren will never know them, but they will be able to hear their voice, see their face and their expressions, hear their stories as if firsthand. I think that is invaluable for their family’s generations, and also for their community and also for the world, for anyone who stops to listen. I hope you will agree. Do you have a story we should hear? leave a comment here, start a thread, contact me at

Give Peace Another Chance


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