LIFE STORIES Archive Pylyshenko 2

Life Stories Archive
Pylyshenko, Wolodymyr “Mirko” #2
The second documentary of Mirko Pylyshenko. He talks about coming to the U.S. at age 15, what the Ukrainian community in New York was like, his first jobs, lifeguarding, his art, teaching, human rights activism and traveling to the Ukraine each year during the Cold War and then during Glasnost and after the fall of the Soviet Union. Many artists of all types from the Ukraine and the Eastern Block countries during the Cold War visited his farm. Also the president of the newly independent country of Ukraine in the early nineties visited. He talks about his difficulties with both the KGB and the CIA & FBI, once having to flee into Finland from Ukraine. With Glasnost and then the fall of the Soviet Union, he becomes recognized for his human rights efforts by both the outgoing president Carter and incoming president Reagan.


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