LIFE STORIES Archive Neuberg

Fay talks about her young years in Poland, fleeing the Nazis by crossing the border into the Soviet Union, her father ends up in a Siberian labor camp and she and her brother are separated from their mother when American planes bomb the train cars; after being stuffed into train cars, they are thrown from the window to save their lives. On the streets in Kazakhstan, nine year old Fay is arrested for selling cigarettes for food. She and her brother are tortured in the orphanage because they are Jews. After being reunited with her mother, they move back to Poland after WWII where Jews are being persecuted and murdered by the Polish state. They come to the United States. Later her father is released from Siberia after Stalin’s death and he comes to the United States, continuing his writing and becoming a celebrated Yiddish writer. ┬áPastor Orgazaly reads excerpts from “My Yesterdays,” titled, “He was ashamed to be naked” and “Someday when you see my wife.”